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Radhika Shurajit

June 3-9, 2016

Students are accepted throughout the year for Bharatanatyam, Carnatic Music and Yoga classes. 

Children as well as adults are currently enrolled. 

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The Indian Classical Dance School that teaches one of the most popular dance forms of India - Bharatha Naatyam - in the famous Kalakshetra style.

India, with her great variety, has a great many dance forms.  One of the rich classical art forms of India is Bharatanatyam.  This dance form draws its sustenance from the principles enunciated in Bharata's Natyashastra, a comprehensive 2nd century B.C. text on the art of dance and drama. The word Bharata is derived from the three essential aspects of the art, Bhavam (mood or sentiment), Ragam (melody), and Talam (rhythm).  Bharatanatyam can be divided into three parts- Nritta, Nrithya, and Natya.  Nritta stands for pure rhythmic dance involving intricate footwork and sequences.  Nrithya is that part of dance which involves facial expression and narrates a story.  Natya combines both of these aspects.  Thus, in the practice of these art forms the dancer strives to portray through rhythmic movement, facial expression and symbolic gestures the spiritual awakening of the human soul and its longing for enlightenment and divinity.  The subject matter of the dances remain mostly religious derived from Hinduism's rich mythology as this dance form was nurtured and developed in the precincts of the temples as an integral part of worship and a means of propagating religion and culture.  In more recent times, Bharatanatyam is being used to educate people about societal issues through the medium of dance.

If you want to learn this beautiful art form and more about Indian culture, contact Gurus Sivakami and Krishna Kumar.